Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Vast Array of Sculpture in Libbytown

It was such a picture-perfect day when I took some photos for my 20 Things To Do in Libbytown post that I couldn't help noticing trends around the neighborhood. For starters, there's lots of sculptures!

There's plant pots.

Brighton Avenue Brick Colonial

There's circular sculptures.

Edwards Street

There's municipal sculptures,

Portland Water District's emblem of pride

Educator's memorial behind West School

Spiritual sculptures,

Beautiful angel in front of beautiful Bradley Street home

This peace sign lights up at night!

And religious sculptures.

St. Pat's Church

Former St. Pat's School, now St. Pat's Condos. Where's St. Pat?

Oh, there he is, 1/4 mile across the street at St. Pat's Church...silly roaming statue.

There's lions,


And bears! Oh my!

Johnson's Sporting Goods

There's the mean sculptures,

Hiss! On Massachusetts Street

And the benign.

So plastic, so peaceful

Some parts of architecture,

Jimmy luvs the bumpy terrain of bulging-root brick sidewalks

And last but not least, the eco-sculpture that dots our streets every Thursday morning.

Portland's blue trash bags and recycling bins

Even Libbytown Dumpster-, er, EcoSculpture-Diving has its rewards

You never know what you'll find in Libbytown!


Eileen said...

Good "recycling" you done there, girl. What is it an image of?

rlw said...

It's a cookie tin from Amsterdam. There was a whole box of cookie tins, someone must have been dumping their collection--this one was on top and I knew we had to have it. It's now living on the exposed rafters in the kitchen, along with other finds like our backyard bird nest, and that stupid contact-papered Foss oatmeal can.

Chrissi said...

I envy your beautiful 'walking neighborhood', Rachel! Living in the boonies doesn't lend itself well to long, interesting, stroller walks. Just cows, corn, and soybeans here. Boring. :p

~Denise~ said...

What a beautiful area, very nice photos!

rlw said...

Thanks, folks. As much as I love the 'hood, sometimes you just want to drop a baby in the middle of cows and corn and let him RUN. Acreage...I want ACREAGE!!! =D

Chrissi said...

Hmm...I'll have to get Walt crackin' on the spare room project this winter so we can bring you guys down here for a long weekend and some cow-peeping next year. :D

My best friend from elem. school comes from a family of chicken ranchers. :D I can already see the pix of Jimmy petting baby chicks under the incubator lights!

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