Monday, September 21, 2009

Food Field Trip: Kon Asian Bistro

One shan't write a blog in this town without an inexplicable post about inaugural trips to Kon Asian Bistro. My turn, my turn! I wanted to find out why this weird place was the belle of the GWI/RoadRunner ball so I chose it for our Paid In Full celebratory meal.

As we say in Maine, I was stahvin' on Saturday so we piled in the car when I got home from work and we dug a hole to the other end of Brighton Ave.

Exit 8-y

Valle's Redux


The club lighting indoors made me sorry we hadn't waited until after dark to enjoy the seriously tricked-out interior. We were seated and then I chased after Jimmy as our request for a highchair was ignored. This left me no time to look at the menu but that was OK because I knew what I wanted, until the waitress advised me they didn't serve Lo Mein ??!? so I ended up ordering a Veggie Pad Thai, a booster seat, and a Kirin Draft. "Oh, sorry, we don't have draft beer yet." Argg!!! Kirin in a bottle it was.

When the waitress came back with Jimmy's booster and my Kirin we learned that the urchin that Wally ordered was also unavailable. Insert italicized question marks and exclamation points?!!?

They did have eel.

And jerry-rigged chopsticks for kids.

My Pad Thai got nicely tasty with some soy sauce.

And Jimmy enjoyed the rice from Wally's duck.

But Wally thought his duck was going to appear more assembled like a duck, and less disassembly (he prefers to eat meat off the bone.)

There were a few bumps in the road however things definitely were tasty and despite our suspicion that many of our fellow patrons were employees of the Adult Donut Shop down the street, we considered this location to be much kid-friendlier than some of the better places in town AND Kon has the added benefit of not being anywheres near the mall. We rarely go out to eat so only time will tell if we give another look-see at Kon's uniquely luxurious and lowgrade bistro...or if I get konned into patronizing other weird businesses just because I wanted to see what the bloggy fuss was about.


Eileen said...

"Adult Donut Shop" -- what in heck makes it "Adult?" Is it the clientele... or the shapes of the dough?

I'm curious... and giggling in anticipation!

rlw said...

It's a topless donut shop. 'Mornin'! my attempts to find a link online, it appears that our topless donut shop is no longer in operation. The strip joint that it was linked to is still open, but apparently under new donutless mgmt.

Chrissi said...

Oh. My. Jebus. "Adult, topless donuts served with a smile and little else" is a franchise just waiting to happen...

rlw said...

There's another one up north, it's called The Grand View Topless Coffee Shop, lol. It's highly controversial, it's always on the news, most recently for having been burned down by arson.

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