Monday, August 31, 2009

Motherhood, Naturally

Nature was just meh, ok until Jimmy came. Now that he's been here a couple years I'm getting to really understand what Wally means when he says "the Earth gives us what we need." I always thought he meant water, bananas, and peyote, but no, he means everything.

Today Jimmy showed me that the Earth even gives us toys.

'Kay, a plastic high chair may not be as idyllic as a fairy forest village setting to play with our little nuggets, but I didn't have my camera when we originally collected them. We sat in the field and he kept arranging them thisway, and thatway, and back to thisway. Then thisway. Thisway was nice. There was also thatway, or thisway. A lot of arranging going on out there today, but my favorite part when he had the pinecone walking around, nice! This playtime made me feel very connected and grounded, I thought of A New World and how Pocahontas might have used sticks and pinecones to play with her young child, and right here in today's world Jimmy and I were sharing hours of FREEE and imaginative mother-son fun, it was awesome. For this I owe a special thanks to Mother Nature for her faith and for her patience...I used to think the natural world dominated us with tornadoes and tsunamis and avalanches, but by entrusting me with my own little nugget to nurture and to raise, She's shared with me that her real power emerges through her gentler side.


Chrissi said...

Best blog ever!!! :D I'm feelin' it myself. I was just outside yesterday with DJ eyeing up our maple trees, looking for the best spot for a tree fort and a tire swing. ;) Honestly, DJ doesn't care what he does out there - just as long as he gets to be OUT THERE in the trees. ;)

Chrissi said...

I was doing some Christmas shopping for DJ today at and found this. It reminded me of Jimmy playing with his acorns and pinecones:

BTW - this past Monday, when we were raiding her mint beds, my MIL gave DJ a bucket and assigned him the job of clearing the yard of acorns for their Labor Day picnic this weekend. 900 acorns later...DJ wants to make a wreath for Grammy for Thanksgiving. :D

rlw said...

Jimmy's outdoorsy, too, he loves it. And that sounds like an *awesome* Thxgiving wreath, now I want one! =D

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