Monday, September 14, 2009

Triumphant Weather for a Visitor

Today at the credit union Jimmy and I found ourselves nose-to-nose with an Old Port visitor.

Red circle on the left, prow. On the right, credit union.

From the front.

The Carnival Triumph!

These ships are a pretty impressive figures, all docked in our little town. It was perfect weather today and if you look closely, you can see it peeking from behind a few buildings.

And from behind the Wyland Whale Wall.

And look! Last year I wrote about WMTW's Jackie Couture, that's her below!

All in all, pretty neat! Portland's 2009 Berthing Schedule can be found here.


Chrissi said...

Does it say something about me that I'm more excited about the Wyland Whale Wall than the giant 16 story cruise ship behind it? ;) I love the Whale Wall in Wildwood, NJ, but it's been looking really rundown the last few years. :( There used to be a Wyland Store inside the boardwalk mall (now basically the boardwalk version of a dirt mall) that the mural is painted on, but it's not there anymore, so I can't buy Wyland mugs for my dad and pretend I've never bought him one as a souvenir before. ;)

rlw said...

It just means you're cool. =D

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