Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Friday, Plus One Month, And Five Days

My hometown is artsy. I blame smotherhood for having to miss out on the abundance of Portland arts but I did manage a mini-trek out for August 2009's First Friday Art Walk primarily for the opportunity to check out the work of two old and dear friends!

Our first stop was the Whitney Art Works for Rebecca Fitzpatrick's exhibit of her latest work Thread. I hope she'll forgive me, I took these with my old camera which is 100 percent the reason I have yet to make this post until now...

Becky likes old publications, and hands. The chain below is quintessential Becky, it's meticulously made out of months of fingy-work and very old print. It is my belief that too few people on this planet know what Becky can do with some glue, some time, and an empty PBR can. In the weeks following the opening this rope grabbed my eye from the sidewalk on two harried, unexpected walk-bys and neither time it failed to give me big smiles. Old times are good times...and this is one long thread of well-engineered paper rope!

After a few of these looks...

...we were back on the street, headed toward Sanctuary Art Gallery where even older friend (try First Grade Catholic School) Michelle Souliere was showing some luscious black velvet paintings alongside the work of other local black velvetists. (Again...apologies for the camerawork.)

We all enjoyed some delightful summer evening chit-chat, I have deep thanks for Becky, Michelle, and so many others for their contributions to our community. I am so excited for the privilege to raise my little guy in a town with so many artistic and cultural offerings, we hope First Friday at The Children's Museum isn't far in our future.

Please click any photo for more detail.


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