Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day La Sole..., Salmon, rather. A sunny Labor Day weekend here in Vacationland had me thinking, why settle for salmon looking like this:

When you could have it looking like THIS:

If you ask me, the salmon looks much happier in that second photo. Yesterday I picked up a fish mold and since it was grocery day I also got the necessary ingredients for a modified Fish Mousse and then went to work. Today I was heartbroken when the mold design failed to define itself firmly onto the mousse, but it all worked out since I was able to give the little guy a cucumber smile.

I'm happy to report its texture achieved the Three F's of mousse structure: Firm, Fluffy, and Amazing.

Firm, fluffy, and amazing.

Alas, it turns out that 4 cups of salmon mousse is a bit much for 2 people (heavy cream!) so we have plans for freezing much of it. But first, as luck would have it my brother's family just happened to stop by, and we just happened to have some molded salmon mousse to offer!

I hope everyone enjoyed Labor Day as much as we did. We're looking forward to fall!


Eileen said...

Oh my goodness -- that salmon looks devine.

Except... I have to admit that it had me saying "But, I didn't eat the salmon mousse" (a la Monty Python.)

Good work there and I lurv the new design. Well done!

rlw said...

Thanks, Leenz. So far I haven't knocked anyone off with my salmon mousse...well, besides the salmon. =D

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