Thursday, September 17, 2009

Brötli Crüe

Today's 5 o'clock snack was pretty glam rock, it was inspired by food blogging found here and this luscious photo.

I found these images at 9am and by 9:12 I was cupboard-shopping for our own Brötli, or Euro-aspic'd open-faced sandwiches. I wanted something we both could enjoy so I settled on a Brötli Tüna with something a little something extra that we once picked up at a wildly interesting visit to Simply Scandinavian Foods.

The GAFFELBITER i dillsaus was an eensy OMG hurl but the rest was reported by us to be "fun", "unexpected", "horrendously delightful", and "would be better with tougher bread."

I loved them and will be making them again, apparently with tougher bread.


Chrissi said...

I draw the line at fish aspic, but the rest of it looks great! =D

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