Friday, September 18, 2009

Every New Beginning Is Some Other Beginning's End, In a Good Way

I took this photo yesterday, before I sent VW Credit our final payment, before I own'dr!

Sure, there's still some more paperwork to be had before the screws recognize that sheezal'rs, and perhaps Lady Cabrio could use some tidying-up and a fourth hubcap, but STILL!!! I feel so accomplished. I remember getting that payment coupon book as a newlywed back in 2004 and my stomach sinking when I saw the final payment date of SEPTEMBER 2009. I remember flipping through the book wondering where I'd be at certain points in the future...but the book's now shut, here we are at September 2009.

In these 5 years we've moved from Salem Street to the house that we bought in Libbytown. Our kitty head/face count has remained the same and we even gained a new human head/face to boot. A small VW convertible is hardly what anyone would call a family car, and I've even walked into dealerships with hopes of trading in for something bigger, but as the 20-something saleskid pressured me ("well you're not going to keep the car, are you???") something jarred loose in my head..."payment-free after SEPTEMBER 2009" was certainly the best deal in town. Releasing our li'l unit from this monthly obligation makes our 4-seat, 5-speed, 2-door convertible more of a family car than any Odyssey payment could ever hope to be!

And no more signing off on 60+ month car loans, ever!!!


Chrissi said...

I have serious paid-in-full envy! Our 36 month loan on the Explorer won't be paid off until next May! >:(

A family car is overrated anyway. I have friends with minivans and sensible 4 door sedans who are miserable. ;) I have an SUV that has an awesome stereo system (cause DJ likes to rock out to Rehab when he's feeling sassy) and - BTW - I can take that sucker off-road or over median strips when traffic backs up with a kid in a booster seat in the back and all I hear is "whee!" from the kid. ;) Family cars are so overrated. :p

rlw said...

We do need something with more room, what with all the defossing and music equipmenting that hubby does. He has a 15-seat Econoline that was given to him by a former employer, but I have i$$ues with that vehicle, it costs so much to maintain (hi, gas bill.)

Chrissi said...

But a 15 seat Econoline van can be traded in without much fuss for a smaller used van to transport all that stuff. Keep an eye on the free papers for people looking for even trades or trade-ins and see what you can get for it. ;) Our YMCA is always looking for more vans and every used car lot in town is picked clean of them because of the Y and all the churches looking for transportation for their youth groups and seniors for their share-a-ride-to-mass programs.

rlw said...

The Y can have it. Van has issues, that's all I'm saying on the interwebs! (haha) Meanwhile, now that we have a good mechanic we're actually keeping our eyes peeled for a late-model Volvo wagon. I think at this stage in my life they are very "me." My sil has a black one and I drool with jealousy!!! Our mechanic just got one for $250...I don't expect a deal like that, but it would be NIIIIIIICE.

Chrissi said...

A friend of mine was driving his mom's Volvo in high school and it had something like 350,000 miles on it and it ran like it did the day it rolled off the assembly line. Unbelievable!

I've been trying to talk Walt into an AWD Subaru Wagon, but it doesn't fill him with joy like it does me. ;) Yet. =D

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