Friday, September 25, 2009

Fair-ly Exhausted please enjoy a brief photo montage of our trip to The Common Ground Fair 2009.

Jimmy kept stopping in the middle of the walkways, to play with sand.


Mmmm...Mumma eats an Eggplant and Hummus sandwich. Daddy got a $10 crab roll that had about 30 crabs in it...great value!

Three words: Jimmy Luvs Hay

Someone who loves hay spots his daddy at sound check.

Boids! We never saw baby peepers. =(

This bird looked like a cat.


"You found yourself a fort, little man," said the hippie at the counter.

The Mallett Brothers Band perform.

Jimmy dances

Recycled trains carry fairgoers to and fro the fair. We didn't go this route, we took the folkstar entrance.


Eileen said...

I love how tactile Jimmy is! And the pictures of the chickens and roosters and other barn "fowl" were great. Hope you guys had a blast.

nittifamily4 said...

Little Jimmy is too cute!!! Love all the pictures of the chickens and roosters... Looks like a great time was had by all.

Chrissi said...

Your pictures of the fair gave me the boost I needed to get excited about the one we're going to this weekend - The Bloomie. Spawn loves the chicken buildings! Especially the fancy chickens.

I <3 Jimmy's apple sweater! =D

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