Thursday, September 10, 2009

Brown Bargains

2 cords of hardwood was dumped on our driveway today.

This firewood will join 3 seasoned cords that we already have stacked out there, so we're figuring this means Winter Heat 2009-2010 is now paid in full!!!

Considering the woodstove season here is October-April, we're pretty psyched.

Other brown budget items we came across today...

Hand-me-down brown corduroys courtesy of my friend Celia and her 3.5 year old. Thanks Celia and Max!

A pound of coffee beans from the weird "Gourmet Food" aisle from Marshall's. Kooky location, great'n'tasty bargain.

Love is the drug for me, so it's free to get HIGH from looking into these velvety doe eyes every day. I'm the luckiest mom in the world!

Medium brown box hair dye that I got on sale for $2.99.

Alas, enough celebrating our warm winter and brown Wally's been telling me all summer, this firewood isn't going to stack itself!

Happy Thursday!


Chrissi said...

Your blog needs a 'like' button to click on like facebook. =D


I don't envy you the woodstacking. I usually end up on stacking duty at my in-laws at some point during the autumn because they have several cords delivered when they know they're going to have a couple of extra hands available one Saturday. It's the least I can do in return for a pot roast meal that I didn't have to cook myself. ;) DJ usually pulls kindling duty - gathering twigs in his wagon from the woods behind their house for the kindling bin. =)

Eileen said...

Gaaack! Jimmy's little eyes are GORGEOUS. I could swim in those puppies.

sheila said...

Jimmy has the most beautiful eyes...
thanks for posting the link to this on PP-
Nice reading :)

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