Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lunch Bent

During this morning's rush I was forced to face facts that we ran out of sandwich bags (sorry, Earth!) so I started stuffing grapes, Rice Works, and a salmon mousse sandwich into the first clean container+lid I had at my fingertips, and started thinking "wait a minute...."

Now that I've tuned into Bento Blog Entries I'm seeing my food in new, exciting ways. The ticking clock couldn't keep my hands off my camera as thoughts of my first Bento Box Blog Entry flashed before me...but 15 hours later I'm thinking this looks less Bento Box Lunch and more Low-Rento Box Lunch. Oh well, it still inspired me to Just Say No to sandwich bags and to be less fearful of cramming it all into the size of a Japanese apartment. And it was scrummy!


Chrissi said...

LOL! The second I saw this picture, I was like, "Rachel's packing bentos?!?! Sweet!" :o They don't all have to have Pokemon-or-Pikachu-made-of-cheese and checker apples to make them bentos. Quick-fix bentos are all the rage these days - using leftovers and made in ten minutes or less. Yours is still ten times nicer than my first monochromafest of beige bento. ;)

rlw said...

Thanks Chrissi....I didn't realize that was CHEESE making the Pikachus, I thought it was homemade pasta. I have a lot of Bento School ahead of me. Speaking of school, hope you enjoyed you guys's first day!

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