Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Backyard Backscratch

I like how cats + people have it all figured out. If we feed them, keep them warm, they'll kill rodents for us. I scratch your fur, you *whoosh* scratch me if I don't let you out when you want.

Out of 4 cats, Stephanie is our only killer. She's the only girl, we call her The Huntress, she loves to hunt small rats, big mice, or tiny baby hairless ones, she doesn't care. She leaves them outside our back door and usually when we catch a fresh one we can't help but notice that it's still breathing, or screaming. She's not shy about fatally wounding creatures, and then leaving them with something to think about. Ugh.

Lately the mice have been absent or disappearing from the back porch, I wasn't quite sure what was going until the other day Wally came whisker-to-whisker with a porch possum, we recon this possum is the culprit in the case of the invisible mice, and that our little back-scratch circle is complete. We feed Stephie, she maims mice, the possum sweeps away the mess. Yaaay! However, as much as I like this cycle, I do feel a little guilty that it SUCKS REALLY BAD for the mouse.


Chrissi said...

Possum = GIANT RAT. How is this better than finding an occasional maimed mouse?! :o

rlw said...

Not occasional::: Daily until the possum started eating their little squirmy screaming bodies.

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