Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Foodland: The Portiest Small America in City Per Capita

Bon Appetit magazine just revealed that it chose Portland as this year's America's Foodiest Small Town, which with our food reputation my first thought was "Jezum, 'bout time." Then I realized it's only Bon Appetit's second year of running this contest, which made me think "Jezum, who on earth won it last year??"*

Portland provides a lot of restaurants and a lot of food and restaurant blogs, many of these blogs are reporting this Bon Appetit report, and even non-food Portland blogs continue to challenge the decades-long "rumor" or "myth" or "whatever" that Portland is = or > San Francisco for Most Restaurants Per Capita. I don't quabble with the "myth", I figure why argue with this map. It's a small city, there's a lot of restaurants. I think it's great!

Congrats and Bon Appetit, Portland.

*Durham-Chapel Hill, NC


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