Friday, September 11, 2009

I Heart Hubby

...because he cobbler'd a megaloved multiweathered pseudocroc back into wearable condition, saving us 7 bucks and further making it possible to convert these shoes into another summer. (I was ready to throw them out...unresourceful moi!)

That, and good lawd he gave me this:

Little things add up to GREAT BIG THINGS!


Chrissi said...

Sweet jebus. Between you and my husband, I can't tell which one of you is more attached to your Nocs (Not Crocs). Walt wore the soles of his nearly down to nothing, bought himself a new pair of real Crocs, but refuses to throw out the ratty, old Nocs! I'm ready to just shred them and use them as packing material. ;)

Good luck to you with yours next summer! I can't wait to hear how they get repurposed when they finally do give up the ghost. ;)

rlw said...

Wally can't throw away ANYTHING. I have a whole backyard to prove it (ugh.)

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