Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Big Brother Buffet

In 20 minutes starts the Superbowl of reality tv: The Big Brother 11 Finale. We are on Team Anyone But Natalie (I assume this is a very large team), and I decided to surprise Wally with a surprise buffet.

Click photo for detail!

I call it the Zen Chen Spread, I've been racing the clock for hours putting it together (mostly out of items we already had, thank you stockpiling!) at the same time doing laundry, keeping Jimmy happy, fed, and dryly diapered, keeping his hands out of it while I upload this post, and now I'm getting a little nervous that Wally won't make it home in time for kickoff. Ah well...all the more for me?

Go Kevin! Or Jordan!


Chrissi said...

I clicked on the picture, but I'm still not sure what all of those foods are. I showed it to my Wally. He has the jealous now. ;) "You never make me a buffet." What does he think Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas brunch are then? I'd like to know. ;)

Nice spread! I wish I had the patience to put something like that together on a plain, old Tuesday night. =D

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