Tuesday, September 22, 2009

36.5 Candles

Tomorrow a coworker turns 50. Everyone is bringing in foodstuffs and decorations and goodcheer, the works.

I'm bringing in mini-quiches...

...and a smile even though no one cares or will acknowledge the fact that tomorrow also happens to be my 36.5th birthday. No, it's OK, I realize some people's birthdays are more "important" than others. I'm not bitter. Some parties just prefer to be non-inclusive, right. No universal healthcare, right...pass the fudge, right.


Chrissi said...

Happy half birthday, Rachel! For your half birthday, I got you these half gifts:



You'll get the other half of each in 6 months on your whole birthday. =D

rlw said...

Rofl! Half thanks, Chrissi...esp. for that sock!

Eileen said...

Gosh, Rachel -- what a bummer that they're missing out on the opportunity to celebrate your half-birthday!

Mine is in April... so start saving your pennies now. I like sapphires. =D

nittifamily4 said...

Happy Half Birthday Rachel!

Kristine (my2girls)

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