Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Winter Movies

The snow's abund-y and the icicles are a-hangin' off the bay wind-y which means it's time for MY FAVORITE WINTER MOVIES. The kind of movies that aren't Christmassy and make cameramen go aaarg! (all that blinding white stuff) or just ones I just like to watch beside the woodstove.


A no-brainer, the Coen Brothers at their finest, imho. Frances McDormand is awesome, lots of randomly usable quotes ("Heck, I'd go one over prime!") and no other movie has a character like Mike Yanagita.

Groundhog Day

The fact that Andi Macdowell will never be able to act is remarkably unnoticeable when Bill Murray is around. Funny, original, wintry!

Ethan Frome

I suspect no one who read this book in high school ever imagined Maddie's accent to ever (ever) sound like whatever Patricia Arquette is doing with hers, or that her chemistry with Ethan Frome could ever be so hawt! The good people of PBS get all that New England snow smokin', probably my favorite of the winter movies.

Off the Map

I don't think there's any snow or winter in this movie set in New Mexico (Land of Enchantment, as it makes a point of saying), but I often think of it as I'm staring down the fiery hole of my TempWood stove. It's an inspirational story for those interested in living with the land, it makes me happy knowing that some trees, some cast iron, and a couple skills is all we need to keep our home warm in a Maine winter.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

If the name "Charlie Kaufman" means anything to you... I have to leave it at that, otherwise I'll go on forever!!! Highly favorited movie.

The Sweet Hereafter

Canadians know how to do winter, and films. This one is anything but cheery, but it has stuck with me for several years. I have reservations about watching it now that Jimmy is here, being the age he is...it's very moving and disturbing. I still recommend it. =D

....and one winter movie I can't recommend:


UGH!!! I only rented this one due to an unhealthy 1990s obsession with Ethan Hawke. Alive wore me out, I hate that these people had to live through this terrible event, how it got worse before it got better, and I definitely never, ever want to relive it with them ever again! (I felt the exact same way for Cast Away; it seems extreme survival stories are just not my thing.)

Thanks for letting me share My Favorite Winter Movies!


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