Friday, January 8, 2010

Extra Credit

Usually Jimmy's parentage gets credited to Wally, that Jimmy looks soooo much like him. I get it...the hair, the eyes, the complexion. The eyebrows. But when I look at him I feel like the orientation of his face is ALL ME. But no, we always get the casual commentaries, the Facebook replies, the people stopping us on the street to inform us that my precious precious meaning of life is veritably Wally's child. The "It's so weird, it's like standing here with Mini Wally" remarks. I suck it up, I protest, I do it all, but sometimes I get a photo like this:

...and even I can't deny this kid is not the mailman's (and that it's not just because our mailman happens to be black.) Thanks for your genes, Hunny! They done good.


Anonymous said...

The longer I look at this guy, the more I am convinced that if you photo-shop the eyes with beautiful blue ones like yours... Presto Change's you!

Anonymous said...

my thoughts exactly!

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