Sunday, January 10, 2010

Panorama from My Livingroom Window

From my bay window I can see:

The state's biggest hospital
A 3-way stoplight
Airplanes coming in for landing
The entrance to the Amtrak station
A popular bus route
A real estate office
A dermatology office
A bank
A gastroenterology office
A diver down flag
A sporting goods/scuba store
A convenience store

Not bad for a 1000 sf ranch. Ah, yes, I've got the interstate running through my backyard, and screw you John Cougar, I do kinda think I've got it so good. Everyone is always making cautious comments about how they wouldn't want to live where we do, or on as busy a street, etc. but I like rather prefer looking at lights and buildings over being boxed in by nosey neighbors. I think our view is *exciting* and our livingroom is so well insulated that when we're indoors you'd never know there was so much going on out there. And when the power goes out there's plenty of traffic to keep us entertained, and a woodstove to keep us warm. And if all else fails, if we get sick of watching traffic and bathing by woodstove water...there's a hotel hiding behind the bank! =) So as you can see, as folks who value excessive convenience, we deserve no pity. At least not during the winter months when we don't find as many homeless drunk alcoholics curling up with 40s against our privacy fence. (Aaahhh, overrated beast.)


lizzie lou said...

i also love living on a busy street, with lots of life all around. and people also feel sorry for us, with our driveway opening onto one of the busiest intersections in portland! maybe the best thing is that our road always gets plowed right away, and if we lose our power, it's back on within hours.

rlw said...

Wheeee, I knew we weren't alone. I am actively not sorry for you. =)

Amy Bradstreet said...

We live on a corner in Old Orchard Beach. Granted, a quiet area of town, but neighbors are close, we have a stop sign out our front door and yes, we do have that pesky ocean and that five minute walk to it. Sucks to be us. Gee, we must have driven by your house about oh, a million times. Thanks for commenting on my blog, btw, and it's great to meet another Mainah!

Emma D. said...

Hi Rachel, I am a college student writing a documentary story about Libbytown. I was searching for information about the neighborhood online and came across your blog. I would love to set up an interview with you to talk about your experiences living in Libbytown! Do you have an e-mail address to contact? Thanks, Emma.

Rachel said...

Mainah's unite. =D I can be reached at rwenzel at maine dot rr dot com.

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