Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Firebox Mama

So far, I think my son has learned that life is kind. He knows that he can go to bed peacefully, that he can rely on the comfort that he's known since birth, that someone who loves him is always there. I think that he's learned he can rely on his parents to be the wind at his back and not the spit in his face; that if he can't always get what he wants, if he tries sometime he just might find he gets what he needs.

Which is why I felt a little guilty making a big fiery display about what happens to the pages of childrens books that get ripped out of their binding for no reason.

Next step: The Boys Box. I'm not *quite* sure what goes on there, but I've always been led to believe that it's not good. But at the same time not terribly bad, which is the only reason why I'd consider it. Whatever it is.


Anonymous said...

Buy them books and what do they do? the covers, or rip out the pages!
Ah - the Boys Box. So it works for a girl too...who would've thunk it. It works for the dad and mom as well, they also must survive the "terrible twos". And the box never hurt anyone.

Anonymous said...

'tis so true!

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