Monday, January 4, 2010

Sticking to His V-Guns

My old college roomie/BFF Jeremy is home for the holidays and scheduled to pay us a visit tomorrow. He's gone a long way since leaving our apartment-above-a-bikeshop on Main St., Orono, he's lived all over the world, speaks all its languages, and presently holds a demanding, high-profile position teaching these languages in Budapest, Hungary. There're seven zillion things I can say about Jeremy, rest assured he's high on my list of favorite people.

Every few years I meet a new version of him. Sometimes he's a partier, sometimes he's a smoker, sometimes he's a teetotaler, sometimes he's an anti-tobacco activist, sometimes he's killed his tv, sometimes he's America's Next Top Model, sometimes he's a stressed-out advanced degree student, sometimes he's the kid I met (and glued myself to) as he was moving into my apartment 15 years ago. Thanks to Facebook we've kept in touch more frequently, so I know that this year I'm meeting a vegan, evidently he's been going vegan for a few years and has never been healthier or felt better. Tonight I'm researching some options as I'm hopeful (as in crossing my fingies really-really tight) that hubby can watch after Jimmy so Jeremy and I can catch up at one of those fancy non-Chuck E. Cheese restaurants. I've come up with:

Pepperclub My pre-Jimmy vegetarian-friendly go-to restaurant with lots of vegan options and uses locally farmed ingredients. Now that I eat fish I'm anxious to see how they do it.

Little Lad's Super-economical, plenticopious, and droolworthy vegan lunch buffet prepared under the guidance of, of course, the Seventh Day Adventists. A lunchtime fave from the dreamy days of yore of when I worked downtown... (siiiiiiigh....) (Oh well. Mallside has better parking...)

Gro Cafe In case he's gone macroborganic or something, too. (I sorta hope not...)

Green Elephant Vegetarian Bistro Chic, sleek, and there's vino. And good ratings!

Ok, now I'm getting hungry. Bring me the Vegan!


Anonymous said...

Fifteen years ago - oh my! Enjoy the visit and stay warm! We are about to get off the ship in Aruba!

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