Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Tale of Mail

My little guy likes his independence spiked with a little...pampering. Like, when we read it's he who turns the pages...but always from my lap. All our bathtime games must be approved by him, and these bathtimes must be leisurely, and long. Any department store romps are expected to end with a worn-out Jimmy in his mumma's arms. Rough times call for old-timey bubbas (watch out for flying sippy-cups) and a footrub, and nighttime playtime is playtime, not cleanup time, mom-myyyyy!

Expert opinion is that as a boy, a late-bloomin' boy, who shows very few signs of readiness, my boy probably won't learn how to use the potty until he's at least 3. That his spirit of dependency indicates extendo-use of the Depends for Babies, or in layman's terms: lotsa dipeys. Once learning this I panicked a little since his medium-sized FuzziBunz were starting to leave medium-red outlines on his body, and as easy as these cloth diapers are to use, they are not cheap.

The ethereal terror of home economics guided my fingers to (you did read that right) where diaper obsessed mothers talk, hoard, buy, sell, suggest, compare, rate, and swap diapers. I was overwhelmed enough the first time I bought cloth diapers (factors: the size, the absorbancy, the quality, the variety, the price, the colors, the snaps, the velcro, the covers, the future, the prefolds, the care, the shapes, the bulkiness, the leaks, the inserts, the outserts, the discounts, the irregulars, the shipping, the factories, the wahms, the options, the options, the options, the premiums, the daytime, the nighttime, the needs, the naturals, the synthetics, the politics, the child, the ethos, the earth, the infinity!!! aaackkk!) that after finding the dipeys that worked for us, I just didn't ever want to be in that situation again. But I also couldn't spend $20++ per diaper when I needed to supplement half Jimmy's stash of FuzziBunz. Annnd the market has exploded in just the past 2.5 years--new products, new formats, new fabrics, new vendors--I felt like the Queso guy in the Velveeta commercial. By force I entered into the diaper swappers and begged someone to please please help me!

A woman came to handfeed me my rescue. She's associated with the prominent Nicki's Diapers, she swiftly identified my needs and offered 6 large FuzziBunz (hey, I know how to use those!) to sell me for $55 including shipping.


On Friday after celebrating my paycheck and my tv-inspired grocery trip I came home to what the diaper-obsessed refer to as "Fluffy Mail." Personally...I dunno...the term "fluffy mail" always sounded a wee fetishist, but I'm none to deny that a shipment of much needed diapers is like the pot of gold at the end of the fluffy rainbow.

They're gorgeous! And at a price just as nice. Continued thanks to my lucky charm from Nicki's Diapers and


Molly Radcliff Headley said...

I'm not going to lie - I'll probably never have a maternal instinct in my life (but I'll be the best "auntie" my friend's kids ever have!), and I can easily say that the diaper options you listed here just sealed that deal in my mind! (Although I am very excited at J's rainbow "manties"!)

rlw said...

Molly---I remember nuggets from your Myspace writeup...yup, I don't think I'd be bumping into you on the diaperswappers forum. :no: ;D

Thank you for introducing "manty" to my vocabulary. =D

Anonymous said...

Drydees were never so bright - but they were replaced by ruby slippers! Gorgeous manties will be a hard act to follow - but they probably already have avatars!

Chrissi said...

I love how you call him a late bloomer and then imply that age 3 is LATE for potty-training. ;) Spawn finally potty-trained just three weeks before his 4th birthday and his BFF, Spike, who just turned 5 is STILL working on potty-training. :p I have a mother-in-law who insists all three of her boys were potty-trained by age 2, but I clean our toilet and I know for certain that her oldest still can't hit the bowl 10 out of 10 times. ;) Age 2 potty-training is a myth! :p

How big do they actually make those FuzziBunz? ;)

rlw said...

Honestly, I can totally envision "Age 4" in my future. Sigh! But please, please, pleeeeease---no 5s!!!

Chrissi said...

At nearly 4 years old, we set Spawn up with a little potty bootcamp. ;) My goal was to have him potty-trained before our vacation - just one month after his 4th birthday. I figured I could get it done in those 7 weeks. Turns out, 'nearly 4' was the perfect age because once we started potty bootcamp, he was potty-trained in 3 days. =D

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