Monday, January 25, 2010

Just So You Know, Facebook Mommies: PSA

Some of your FB "friends" may be getting comfy with that printscreen button and resubmitting your comments back to the internet.

From time to time I get a bit of a kick reading people getting all worked up over the behavior of people who have the nerve to be, uck, parents. There's a lot of internet hate brewing out there for us "breeders," and I think it's kind of funny. A lot of the time I understand where the sentiments come from---I did the single life, I busted my tv throwing bricks at Kathie Lee Gifford in the 90s ("Cody! Cody! Cooooddddeeeey!"), that college Psychology class gave me a Ph.D. in childrearing, at the age of 20. I started reading these websites long before Jimmy hit the scene, if that says anything. But nowadays I am having so much fun being a mom it's kind hard to put a dent in that armor.

Then today, I found this site, STFU, Parents, and it was as humorous as any other, until it sunk in that a considerable percentage of its content is cut-and-pasted from readers' personal Facebook accounts. That daily arenas are being set up to ridicule comments and photos that are intended for friends and family. That's kinda low! Right? Am I just being paranoid? Because ninety-nine percent of my Facebook posts are Jimmy-related? Am I supposed to STFU?

Well, mock me if you must, but this moo will never be bullied into STFU-ing about my BAAAAYBEEEEE!!!!


PA LaPresti's said...

Thanks for the heads up! :-)

Laurie said...

I've seen that site before! I won't C&P you if you don't C&P me!

Anonymous said...

Hey - OI just figured out what stfu means - you are spot on - no one would ever be able to silence the mother in you!

Molly Radcliff Headley said...

Can I still sing, "Pregnant Women are Smug," by Garfunkel and Oates? PUHLEEZE!

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