Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Miracle of Time, and Temp

Wow, wow, wow I just realized that I realized that I can see the time and temperature flashing from the Time and Temp Building (home of my forced-to-treasure Channel 8) from my kitchen window! This is how it looks with my awesome 20/500 vision:

And this is it with my camera and its 15x close-up lens:

Right there! In the center! Yes, it's a little small which probably explains why it took me 5 years to realize we could see it from here. And the only reason why we can see it now is because the temps are low, hence no leaves/no weather blocking it... =D

And if you look really-really close, you'll see that it says 9:30 which means Jimmy had been sleeping for an hour and a half, who knew the miracles of modern technology ancient humanology would get him to sleep so early if I didn't coerce him to sleep in until 10am with me. Really...!...Who knew...?...




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