Friday, January 22, 2010

32 Inches of Inspiration

After accessing my bank account this morning a sigh of dereliefium was enough to wake up everyone in the house, I finally got to read the digits of the first paycheck from my new part-time schedule, they came out better than what I was hoping. (I wasn't sure with all the deductions, whether they'd let me keep my weekend shift differential, etc.) I decided to celebrate with a round of TV-Inspired Items from Whole Foods.

First up was easy:

Earth's Best French Toast Sticks. Featuring every child's favorite licensed red character: Lightning McQueen. I mean Clifford. Um, Muno. Po. Spiderman?

Second item is the bad part, because it forces me to admit that I was watching the very, very redundantly redundant, repetitive repetitive non-loquacious, non-loquacious Ma-har-tha Stew-hew-art...but it was only a brief clip and it was sort of inspirational about:

Quinoa, for breakfast (I'd never thought of it for that!) and it got me thinking about getting this supergrain into the men of the house, using my own personal secret agent: Sugar.

Third, my favorite (and Wally's) Celebratory TV-Inspired Whole Food Item is:

The Chocolate Babka. I had never heard of a chocolate babka before or since one was featured on The Dinner Party episode of Seinfeld. Sometimes I miss the 90s. :::wistfulness:::

And that wraps up my 5-day weekend, back to work tomorrow. My new schedule is working out pretty well, Jimmy couldn't be happier. Whole Paycheck Foods appreciates it too! (I know, cheesy, I've used that strikethru "paycheck" joke before, but just in case...) In the meantime, may the tv be with you.


PA LaPresti's said...

Earth's Best products rock!!! Try their Very Vanilla cookies. Barker (as well as myself & hubby)loves them. So glad that your new schedule is working out. Nothing beats spending time with our boys while they are young. They grow up way too fast. Have a good one! :-)

rlw said...

Yup, I know those cookies...well. ;) You are so right re: time/fast. It's not easy, but outrageously thankful to have the opportunities that I do, and I know you are too!

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