Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Travels to Northern Internetia

Who woulda thunk a place like arctic Nunavut, Canada would have such a thriving blog scene that it warranted its own yearly awards, The Nunies.

Glancing over some of these blogs I couldn't help but notice that it's only 11 months to Christmas, and the blog Trials, Tribulations, and Toques led me to the image of one uniquely awesome nativity scene:

Take the Polar Express to the Brrrrrr-irth!

A long list of Nunavut bloggers can be found here.

South of the border, I'm trying to decide whether Jimmy and I will bite the wallet and pay a vi$it to the new Greenlight Studio tomorrow. Only time, and my budget, will tell...


Molly Radcliff Headley said...

When I read "The Nunies", all I could think about was that old SNL skit: The Schoeners aka. "Nooni? "NoAH. NoooNIE."

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