Thursday, November 5, 2009


Yay, my card uploader came and I can catch up with some of the updates I would have done if I didn't break the USB part of my camera. Here they are!

My fall frenzied front door.


Our stuffed peppers!


Für Eileen, so that she may find rest. The hubris of lukewarm success in delicious deception quickly evolved into a delirium that clouded my judgment on the day I chose to replace a forgotten egg in a batch of boxed brownies with....a big scoop of cauliflower puree. Oh kaaaay, a mistake I realized long before my loving hubby insisted I never make it again, and personally I think he could have skipped the reports on all the squirrels who turned their noses up at them outside the window, where the brownies were left to die. Well, the above photo is proof that some rodents DO enjoy sulfur-infused brownies, so THERE!

My scrapper-kitty Stephanie (with cauliflower ear) as she watches the squirrel who proved my husband wrong. She herself would never touch the cauli-flownies, but definitely wants that beautiful squirrel's final breath.


Halloween! Look how happy he is!

Rear view.

Why me wear this?

Maybe he can pretend to like it?

Here we go, Gator!

At our first house, I found this when I asked Jimmy if he was ready to trick-or-treat. Guesssss not.

Halloween skies.

Tuckered out trick-nor-treater.


I've been sad that we never gathered a chance to forage city apples this year so with my affinity for "wrong" food I was searching fall alternatives, and since we were overflowing with Ritz I was drawn to the recipe for Mock Apple Pie. In the past I'd encountered a handful of people mention the phenomenon of Mock Apple Pie...I wasn't sure I understood the concept of it all, I didn't know if Mock was a species of apple, or if it was a mock-pie, or what. Soon enough they'd tell me that it was a pie made out of crackers and I'd note how they'd shrug their shoulders when reporting that it tasted like real apple pie. In my head, these conversations led me to immediately question the person's entire existence, it was too weird to digest, my brain convinced me that these people's haircuts suddenly looked wrong, I wondered whether their livingroom was decked out with silver-paneled walls, if these people would also tell me that canned potatoes were good for homefries, all that. They were always very nice people but I wondered who could trust the savvy of someone who thinks soggy crackers taste like apples. Count me first when it comes to campy cuisine but these must be really low standards, right? HoJo Gourmet? Well, I'm left to eat my Uggs because seriously...Mock Apple Pie tastes just like apple pie!

It even tastes great with cheddar cheese, evidently the cream of tartar is a major reason for the "deception." I was initially a little disappointed to learn that Mock Apple Pie wasn't invented in the 1950s by the good food scientists at Nabisco, but instead it was created by actual bonafide pioneer women who were "bereft of apples" and put together this cracker pie for their families who missed the apple pie back east. Genius.


Ruby Tuesday's, after voting Tuesday night. Jimmy's mac and cheese was easily the best meal among the three.


And, to tie the room together, Jimmy's favorite food: Ketchup! And this is my favorite brand to serve him--organic, no high fructose corn syrup, under $2.00.


I'm very happy to have photoability back! Who knew how much easier near-daily blogging is when you have a camera!


Eileen said...

Yerrrrggg... I don't think I could've eaten the cauli-flownies either. Yick. But I seriously think that pureed veggies are good in savory foods and highly recommend trying out the deceptions. If the journey ends in Epic Fail Land, there's always that wacky squirrel to feed.

PA LaPresti's said...

Yay!!! I'm so happy that you got your card reader. Isn't it one of the greatest inventions? Jimmy sure makes one cute gator. Love his costume. :-)

rlw said...

Yes, I am very happy to have it! Say, I wanted to comment on Barker's mittens vid, too funny/sad/cute! I can't make posts on your blog, I just wanted to say...I've tried but it doesn't work. =]

PA LaPresti's said...

I went in & changed some settings. Not too sure if it worked or not. Keeping my fingers crossed. :-) Have a good one Rachel.

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