Friday, November 6, 2009

A Week of Fun in Maine

Voters here bunged up the equal marriage thing, but we voted in marijuana dispensaries. As the governor attempts to implement the new law his goal "is to follow the spirit and intent of the law while avoiding unintended consequences."

Heh heh.


Baby/toddler sign language classes

Sign us up!


Making Chowder on Conan O'Brien


A morning spent hauling in wood, washing diapers, unloading the dishwasher, skipping a shower, bundling up my little guy and running him through 2 drive-thru errands before arriving at Toys R Us to discover that I never changed out of my fluffy warm slippers.

It's not as if I could have strapped him back into his carseat, not when we were in the parking lot of T'R'U. And the slippers feel so good once inside I was the crazy slipper-wearing lady who barely paid them any mind.


Tonight's ribbon-cutting ceremony of my friend Michelle's new bookstore, The Green Hand. Jimmy's the wrong age for flashy, uptown grownup events so we plan to pay a visit at a quieter time.

Congrats, Michelle! Wish you all the best!!


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