Thursday, November 19, 2009

Now See Here

Wheeeeeee, after 2 portrait locations, 2 wardrobe changes, 2 new too-small shoes, 150 meltdowns, 1 quarter tank of gas, 2 tolls, 1 small handful of decent photos, 1 accident report, $79.99 + tax, 4 hours of ordeals, and 5 years shaved off my life, I've been able to order 50 Holiday Photo Cards for $$$FREEEEEE$$$ from the naive Fujirians at (Yes, Fuji, internet people are interested good deals. Yours rocks, and ovations for keeping your word, for the most part.)

Jimmy, uhhh....Jimmy didn't look this disheveled throughout the entire session, and look at that face!!! Even better photos are soon to come!


Eileen said...

I don't normally have a compulsion to kiss other people's kids... but... dang, girl. I want to scoop him up and plaster him with smooches. He looks adorable!

PA LaPresti's said...

What a handsome little man! He looks so angelic!

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