Friday, November 27, 2009

Weird Day

This weird day sorta started last night when we got home from Thanksgiving, hubby and I settled into the Beyonce special on ABC, and we were both so moved by it we were crying. Which was a little unexpected, and even more unexpected was the level of bitching I was forced into during the Paul McCartney special that immediately followed I Am Yours.... Sir Paul, why? What happened? Then I went to bed at 11pm to get enough rest for my first ever Black Friday event.

The past few years I've done all my holiday shopping online but now that Jimmy's got a little more personality and would get a clear jolt from certain items, I wanted to make sure I got the right items and the best price on them. I did a lot of research on his "big" present and all signs pointed to the Thomas and Friends Farewell at the Docks Set at Toys R Us, and they also had Hero of the Rails on Black Friday sale for 9.99...when I hate to pay more than 9.99 for dvds and knowing that this one never goes on sale, I figured waking up a little early was worth the savings.

I was so nervous that I was going to oversleep that I got really crap sleep. Jimmy was having a rough night, I think his latest Peanut Butter & Jelly Oatmeal craze has been causing him problems for the past three nights, Toys R Us was opening at 5am, I ended up getting up at 4:53, found a parking space at 5:11 and I got that knife in the gut feeling that you get from staying up all night and also briefly panicked when I saw the checkout marathon for fear that maybe Farewell at the Docks was sold out. (It was not.) The crowds and fluorescent lights made my heart beat all grody, but the checkout line went fast and then I could physically not park at Target and was home by 6am.

Knowing that Jimmy could be up any minute had me too edgy to fall back asleep, and then I spent hours removing the malware that was making my computer crawl (thanks, Hunny) and it was rainy all day and I kept having to re-do the fire and next thing I knew it was dark again. And it's back to work tomorrow, waaaaah, and on top of it all it was Wally's birthday today! He was having moments of shittiness, I don't think he cared much for the Active Pants I got for him, mryeeeeh, it was just one of those screwy days.

With luck, Sunday will feel a little more on-track, Hunny Bunny has a show, you're invited!


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