Friday, November 20, 2009

Eau de Beurre d'Arachide

The time has come, Jimmy has developed the PB touch, the dominant scent in our house is peanut buttery. I've found peanut butter fingerprints on this laptop screen, on the floor, on the cats, on his toys, on his books, on the remote control, on the lamp, on the sticks he hands us for kindling. For the longest time we were apprehensive about letting Jimmy eat peanut butter, what with fears of hives and choking and anaphylaxis and crunch monsters and eboli, but (long story short) Jimmy grew tired of us keeping it from him, so he has introduced us to a whole new world of snacking...and, well, way of life. He never says 'no' to it, he often asks for it by name, it's cheap, he even likes the dirty hippie kind that you have to stir. I was anxious to learn the word for it in ASL, but this demonstration seriously grossed me out! And I wasn't even grossed out that Jimmy's first taste was an ABC peanut butter mishap, why is that man doing that? Why is his dental plaque part of my son's favorite food? And it just keeps cycling, bllleeegggh! Since Jimmy still has just wee little hands we can thankfully resort to JSL (Jimmy Sign Language), and we've dumped the Dominique Dunne portion from our sign for Peanut Butter.

And I just spent a good 20 minutes trying to get him to make the sign on video...yet video. But when he does say it, it's really cute!


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