Monday, August 24, 2009

Adventures in Aspic: Part I

I can't help it, I'm nutty for formed and congealed food. I've always loved getting my teeth suction-cupped into a hunk of Velveeta, I love staring at the texture of mmmmm pumpkin pie. Cold pizza is my long-time favorite breakfast cereal. I swoon over fancy swirly pats of butter, I drool for the jelly edge of an open can of refried beans, and my heart pitter-pats when creamy casseroles congeal after sitting too long.

The holy grail of all formed food, the Jello Mold, is of course a given (look! my special holiday cranberry ring!) in my book. Most people will peruse 1950s cookbooks for good gags...but being someone who prefers to eat food at room temperature, I read them for good ideas!

After stumbling on an image of a traditional Swedish Julbord, this Gelatinous Luvr swiftly recognized that it was time to experience aspic. I don't have any of the history or etymology or culturology of aspic, just that to me aspic is a fascinating non-fruity gelatin artform, and that I was sick of never having tried it. YESSS, I know what gelatin is made of...I decided long ago that the whole gruesome bony roots issue is not a battle I choose to tackle. I need the jiggle room!

I've long been intrigued by photos of the rich opaque texture of Tomato Aspic, so since it was grocery day I put Knox gelatin on my list and started looking for recipes. There are thousands online but I ultimately was drawn to the simple novelty of this presentation, and I also liked the olives. The onions, however, were out.

Jimmy helped.

The Tomato Aspic sat overnight and this morning before work, I could not resist a knife-sinking taste.

I starved myself at work so I'd be good and hungry for an after-work snack. Add Triscuits and mayo and Rosemary and I was not disappointed! The sliced olives perfected the entire texture-rich experience. Fantastic.

Alas I am pleased to report that my first adventure in aspic has been a success! Stay tuned for more! =)


joan said...

nice!!!;) but how could you do the tomato aspic? is it a tomato sauce or pureed tomatoes?thanks for sharing..=)

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