Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Movies

Apologies for hyper movie-referencing lately, but I love movies, movies are my favorite (a la Elf.) And I love holiday festivities, so there we all are. On the eve of Thanksgiving 2009, this is me refusing to talk about Donny Osmond winning the Mirrorball Trophy, behold, a list of good Thanksgiving Movies!

There are 2 types of people: those like Woody Allen and those who HATE him. I'm a luvr. Hannah and Her Sisters starts and ends at Thanksgiving dinner parties, I always wondered why Woody chose the servants at them to be black (?) but the rest is what my 1986 mind figured was "adulthood." City life, pianos, jazz clubs, writing, producing, cigarettes, taxis, marriage, architecture, arts money, giant warm apartments on the Upper East Side, Thanksgiving parties... 2009 assessment: some of it I've got, some I dropped, and others...I still got time.

The Ice Storm. This one has Nixon masks, tense Protestant family Thanksgivings, fabulous cable knit eagle sweaters, creepy ministers, and key parties. There's not much to dislike there! Excellent dollop of heavy drama for the top of your pumpkin pie.

Hmmm...I don't think I picked up on the recurring neuro-drama themes in my favorite Thanksgiving movies. This one features another dysfunctional family (big-time) with a heavy undercurrent of cuckoo. Did you eat chicken pot pie?

And, I think that's it! I checked other lists for inspiration, the only other one I recognized was Planes Train and Automobiles, but this is a list of movies I like. Happy Thanksgiving, all!!! Especially you, Hugh!


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