Saturday, November 21, 2009

Overheard in Ventcilhaus

In the spirit of Overheard in Portland, here are some things I overheard around our house lately:

*Hunny, why do we have your boss's dentures?

*Oh, Jesus, phew, this is just chocolate all over his hands and mouth. I didn't want to think that he was going...there...

*They're not bad, once you get past the fart taste.

*This cell phone cozy that you knitted looks like a penis's...weird...thing.

On ill-fitting, pain in the ass shoes:

Me: I'll forgo a nap, feed Jimmy, give him a bath, get him dressed, and take him to the store so you can get a minute to yourself, if I can just ask you to get his shoes on.

Hubby: No fair!

Stupid Questions:

*This deal is for 4 cartons of ice cream, will that fit in our freezer?

*Hunny, when do you want to start watching The Sound of Music?

*Jimmy, wanna try using the potty?

*Hunny, would you like to put the tree up on your birthday, the day after Thanksgiving? It's up to you.


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