Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Glamour of Voting

We had a big referendum here in the Maine State, we've been asked:

"Do you want to reject the new law that lets same-sex couples marry and allows individuals and religious groups to refuse to perform these marriages?"

Uh, noh.

I admit I normally only vote during the dramatic elections, when I get really excited over the whole process. I find it exciting to watch the live news updates and to rustle through the leaves and to register for my forms and to resonate the buzz of democracy off others. Even better is when the voting place is a flashy, alluring, impressive location--I used to live in the district that voted at City Hall, with the gorgeous winding marble staircase. Then I moved to district that voted at the local school and since I hadn't been in one in a million years I enjoyed getting a peek into that world. Last year I found it very intriguing to vote in a synagogue, how exotic! This year I received word that we would have a new voting location and I was getting excited about either the Italian Heritage Center (ethnic and fun!) or the Expo (easy walk, chance to check out the house of our new minor league basketball team!) so my anticipation fizzled a little (lot) when I read that we'd be voting at...Woodfords Congregational Church.

How Vanilla!

I suppose it's just as well, seeing as I still can't update with photos, but once we were back in the car I was surprised to hear "That room was awesome!" out of my hubby--especially after we'd overheard a little girl ask if Jimmy was The Baby Jesus. Evidently he liked the high ceilings, the stage, the curtains, etc. in the church's function room. The room didn't leave as big an impression on me, but I was still feeling festive with the 3 of us in our I Voted stickers so I suggested celebrating by going out to eat, and we ate like normal Americans, at Ruby Tuesday's in a strip mall. Very glamorous!!!

And now I can only sit back and wait for the votes to be counted. Happy Election Day!


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