Thursday, November 12, 2009

A couple photos...

...from today, as I wash dipeys, do other laundry, maintain the fire, plan Christmas, wish for a 1.5 hour block of time to get a haircut in the next 2 days (chya, right), watch the Thursday Night lineup, keep this boy dry as he seriously fights to be the ONLY laptop in the house...ever update and upload with your arms around 40 pounds of squirm that wants to help with the keyboard, oh my aching nerves!

Dilly Beans (and peppers, thanks M!)

Chilling in his undies, reading his newest favorite book--the Toys R Us catalog.

Geoffie, my eldest (17.25 years!)

Working on a tough puzzle.

I lied about washing diapers. I haven't even started them yet (waaaah!) and now Mr. Fine Motor Skillz is un-casing DVDs that are supposed to be out of his reach, and he just made his "I'm Pooping Hard" face (eyebrows and mouth go in opposing U-shapes.) My right eye feels like Don Knotts, why must night owls produce night owlets?



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