Sunday, November 15, 2009

7-11 Big Gulp

A glance at the first month archived at Girl Gone Child inspired me to post a compilation of 7 Things I Say Most Often

7) Wally's not in right now, can I take a message?

6) *Wheesh* Suck it in, Jimmy! Mumma needs help buttoning your pants!

5) What do you mean you won't honor this coupon??

4) Yes, I dyed my hair. Mm-hmm, 2.99 box job. Yup, I know...It was overdue.

3) Do you take Discover?

2) Jimmy, c'mere. C'mere, cutie. Cutie, c'mere. Jimmy. Jimmy. Cutie. Jimmy can you come here? Jimmy. JIMMY.

1) Hello, it's Rachel, thank you for calling, may I have your account number please.

I truly didn't want to have to list #1, but according to the stats my manager gives me every month I've said it 11,000 times so far this year, so I figured if I'm honest it's probably the front-runner. That's 11,000 people I never wanted to talk to with 11,000 problems I never really wanted to deal with. 11,000 painful lessons in patience, in mind-reading, in conversation control. 11,000 examples that cell phones are horrible inventions. 11,000 mind-bullets, 11,000 blood pressure pills, 11,000 misled assumptions, 11,000 corporate rules to abide, 11,000 nerve-shattering bells in my ear, 11,000 reminders that I'd rather be at home.

So, home is where I'm headed, starting December 19th. After taking 50,000 calls over 4 years I'm a LITTLE excited (!!!!) about being at home and only an eensy weensy bit incredibly apprehensive about the wholemoneything, but it's what we have to do if we're ever going to finish the house, restore Wally's sanity, and raise our child all at the same time. No one is more surprised than yours truly that #2 on the list registers as a NBW (no big whoop) on my stress-o-meter and that there's nothing I want to do more than to be my baby's mama, so I am (half) confident that we can overcome the Two Income Trap our society puts on families. Look out Tuesday Morning Toddler Hour At The Library For Free (or Monday, or Thursday, it doesn't matter!!!), here we come!! For the winter at least...after that, I may be back fake-smiling underneath the Janet Jackson headset, if I don't (although I'm secretly hoping to) get Dooced, that is!


PA LaPresti's said...

That is such good news Rachel! It is scary at first, but oh so rewarding in the long run. We are currently on one income & have had to do alot of sacrificing that has led me to be a SAHM. I LOVE it & wouldn't change a thing. Lots of good times with Jimmy are ahead. :-D

Eileen said...

Man... I giggled like nuts reading #2, but I let out an honest-to-goodness WHOOOP when I read that you're ditchin' the job.

I left Corporate America (full-time) years ago and have made such a different life for myself. I still work part-time, but money *IS* extremely tight. Still, it's a challenge I enjoy. Being with my son has been so very, very rewarding.

Even if I really need a new roof and a new-to-me car. But I try not to think about that!

~Denise~ said...

Glad to hear I'm not the only box colorer. ;-)

WOOHOO for no more job!

rlw said...

Thanks, Guys! People have generally been very supportive. I can't see what's wrong with spending as much time with Jimmy during the years that he WANTS to spend with me. We'll see how the moneything works out, I'd love to have a WAHM job.

Dionna said...

It's definitely doable, you'll just learn to reassess your priorities. I brought home the larger income before our son, and we have managed to make do on only my husband's income for the last 23 months. Good luck - you will love it I'm sure!

Anonymous said...
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