Tuesday, November 17, 2009

10 Notable Movies

Just a quick post, notes on 10 of my favorite movies

Snatch--Bradpittian fun.

Love, Actually--I watch this one from Thanksgiving to Jan 1, and then it gets reshelved.

24 Hour Party People--Haunting and warm.

Kill Bill Vols. 1 and 2--Gripping, feel-good, scary, educational, funny, everything. Lifelong David Carradine fan now, may he rest in peace.

Election--Flawless movie. This movie has no flaws.

Rosemary's Baby--Roman Polanski will always be a genius in my book. See: Chinatown.

Shrek 2--Hilarious, beautiful, endlessly rewatchable.

Capturing the Friedmans--Jawdropping, the commentary track makes another documentary out of it, and proves that cops can be a bunch of pigs.

The Constant Gardner--Pregnancy, exciting plot, exposes pharmaceutical corruption.

The Business of Being Born--More corruption, the cartoon portion in the middle of the movie happened to Jimmy and me. Go Ricki!

GoodFellas--Favoritest movie ever, best movie ever made.


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