Saturday, October 31, 2009

Break It or Lose It

I'm starting to think that I didn't lose my camera's USB cord as much as I broke the pins while trying to jam in various cables, and now the camera won't take the one I think really should work.

So I sit here with no trick-or-treaters in my scary-in-the-wrong-way part of the neighborhood, shopping on Amazon before my Prime 2-Day Shipping runs out on November 6. I have found the following items in my cart:

Kingston 19-in-1 USB 2.0 Flash Memory Card Reader

It's 11 bucks and should remedy my broken camera sitchy.

Fisher-Price Doodle Pro Classic Orange

Cheaper version of the MagnaDoodle that was recommended by Jimmy's teacher-lady to do writing/coloring stuff without going through 40 pieces of paper. For Christmas.

Thomas & Friends: Holiday Express

We're a little Thomas nutty around here, and Christmas Thomas?? Forget it. This one will enter the rotation 3 weeks before Thanksgiving. (I'm just sad I don't have the skillz to pull this off a pair of needles.)

Framed Barack Obama 8x10 Photo Portrait of President

Nobody's perfect, but come election night any president who moves my hubby to tears of joy gets elected Pope at my house. For his birthday or Christmas, not sure yet.

Signing Time Volume 2: Playtime Signs DVD

Have you ever seen how fast little ones pick up sign language? Another recommendation by Jimmy's teacher-lady, we've been tuning into the Signing Times series on Youtube, this sign language lady is krayzee-animated and you can't help but love her. Jimmy sure does, so it's time for a proper DVD, for Christmas.

And that's it for now! Still debating on some other Christmas items, pretending that I can actually afford them is almost as fun. More stuff to break and lose, sledgehammer, what have you. Happy Halloween (toddler alligator photos to come soon...hopefully.)


PA LaPresti's said...

The card reader is awesome! That is one of the best purchases you can make. Hubby got us one a while back & it is awesome. You can put your memory card from your cell phone in it & there's never a worry when you want to transfer from someone else's camera card since it takes all kinds. Makes transferring pics super easy. Hope you all have a Happy Halloween! :-)

rlw said...

Thanks, Leann! I'm certainly anxious to get it. Hope you and your li'l monkey also had a great holiday!

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