Sunday, October 4, 2009

Errrm, 'Scuse Me....

....I thought the SkyMall was just for useless shit.

It sorta doesn't even matter that it's spelled wrong, I love it so. I heart kre8tifs spellings and portmanteaux (hell-o, 'kickasserole') and all, but I have to apollo-jize to any 2-A'd Rachels, because I never really got it. I recently read that the alternative spelling 'Rachael' came from the popularity of the name 'Michael.' But it's a "ch" sound...not a "k" sound... what's the urge to make it match 'Michael'? AND I've been a Rachel long enough to know that everyone spells the double-A'd one wrong, it's a force so strong that it even makes them spell mine wrong. Countless correspondence pieces I've received addressed to 'Racheal.' But no one ever spells 'Michael' wrong. It totally screws with people's minds-ael! Casserole agita!


Chrissi said...

Thanks for kick-starting my overloaded brain. I was trying to explain what a portmanteau was to Spawn the other day and I couldn't remember the word! I bookmarked the definition so I can show it to Spawn later. The word I used that led to the discussion about portmanteaux? Awetastic. Spawn didn't believe me that people can just make up words, so I made one up. =D Have I mentioned how much fun homeschooling is some days?

BTW - I <3 'kickasserole'.

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