Friday, October 16, 2009

ME: 10 Things

The cyberfolks over at Cyberschool Mom Diaries have challenged us e-peeps to post 10 Honest Things About Myself. Well twist. My. Arm.

1) I get food headaches, and I'm presently sporting one right now from filching homefries off of Jimmy's robot plate, serves me right.

2) I've never used the word "filch" in my life, in fact I'd never even heard of it until I went to the to look up a word I could use in place of "bogart" because "bogart Jimmy's homefries" seemed a bit trying-too-hard, and I figured "filch" gave the right tone I was looking for...although truthfully it is a bit too close to "felch", especially when my son is part of the topic.

3) I prefer the 10-key format on keyboards and get overwhelmed when my laptop forces me to use the numbers that above the letters.

4) I believe that all great movies have at least one scene featuring Bob Balaban.

5) I've been waiting for weeks to get a stiff neck to see if this crazy lady's video trick works. Of course, she also gives tips on how to get a stiff neck...but I'm just not there yet.

6) I can't wait for Christmas so I can play with the Thomas train track we plan to get for Jimmy.

7) I have unrequited love/hate feelings for Dr. Phil.

8) I want Jimmy to get into Ballroom Dance.

9) My survival skill: Looking on the bright side.

10) If my hubby wasn't so emotionally bent on giving Jimmy his name, I would have named him Francis or Adrian. As it turns out I LOVE his name as it is.

So, there's 10 things!


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