Thursday, October 15, 2009

Jimbo: First Hood

Hrrm, that post title is supposed to be a spoof on Rambo: First Blood, but it's not really working, is it. Still, I'm very proud that I bought this Rambo-riffic camouflage yarn after the sun went down tonight and had finished knitting my FIRST HAT before Jimmy even went down for na-nights.

Frugal Christmas 2009 is officially AWN.

And the gifts keep coming, I got a number of 'art' photos to share.

Actually, I'm only posting them because I think the colors of my house and my hat model look better when the flash is off. It's just that they're, uh...a little hat fuzzy. Happy Start of Hat Season, all!


Chrissi said...

Tutorial? Instructions? I have no knitting skills, but desperately want to make Spawn a gray and blue winter hat! (I can crochet, but it's not pretty. ;))

rlw said...

Psst, it's a cheesy secret...the Knifty Knitter loom. =D

I used it last year for scarves and figured I was ready for the upgrade...I didn't realize the hat would be easier than the scarf!

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