Saturday, October 10, 2009

Little Hands

...know what they want! For some reason my desktop lost its ability to internet (sob!) so we're down to the laptop, and I'm starting to get the feeling that Jimmy doesn't like the internet much at all. On the laptop I'm in a different chair and closer to his play area and he's started to grab my head to tear my eyes away from the screen and into his face. He slyly picks off keys, sometimes I can't get them back on (goodbye, Caps Lock and Number Three) and when he's really done with the laptop, he's figured out that he can close it shut and wave it buh-bye.

Tonight I put those useful little hands in fingerpaint.

I know that fingerpainting is supposed to be messy, but I forgot just how much!


Chrissi said...

It's generally a table-top activity. ;) I like to buy some cheap pizza boxes and set Spawn loose on some big pieces of paper nestled inside the walls of the pizza box. If you cut the lid off, you get two painting stations out of one box. ;)

Eileen said...

I suffer from such OCD-like issues that I cringe at the phrase "finger paints." Literally -- I cringe and feel the hairs on my neck standing up.

You're a better mom than I, Gunga Din!

Chrissi said...

I just looked at these pix again and noticed that there's even paint on his socks! LOL! I love that he's so tactile and just dives in. Every part of his body is for painting.

Spawn is a total sissy mary about getting messy - especially without a smock on! I equate mess with fun. Spawn equates mess with more baths. ;)

rlw said...


I think most of us agree with Spawn! Food fights never made much sense to me...I guess that's why they're most common in the movies.

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