Friday, October 2, 2009

Our New Toddler Group!

Being under the weather didn't stop me from getting Jimmy all spiffy for his new Toddler Group this morning. Truthfully, we weren't tooo excited, the group was scheduled at some "community center" and for only 45 minutes at a time, but it was something. We used to go to one at a fancy private school but when I went to register him for the Fall session I couldn't help but notice that the age limit had been adjusted to 28 months. Jimmy just happened to be...28 months. Peculiar. Why 28 months? Why not 36? Or even 30. 28? They also made a point of saying the toddlers had to be walking (Mr. Late Walker started with them before he was walking...jeez, sorry it was such an inconvenience) and that younger infant sibs were no longer invited. That they could handle a few, but not many. How did they choose which ones they could handle?? AND they jacked the rates so my 2 year 4 month old and I chose to keep our eyes out for something new.

We found one which meets on my day off, we were there at 11:00 on the dot....and we were only ones there besides the two facilitators that the City of Portland Recreation Department picked up at the homeless shelter, put into Rec Dept t-shirts and placed into a room with crappy dirty toys and expected me to accept this as a safe place for my son to play. Jeb (the other Jeb, not the Bush one) and Lara Louise of Rosemary's Baby tried, but they obviously had very little experience with children or being in charge of...anything. The English language included. I sat on the floor with Jimmy, stunned, I couldn't even look up. We waited 7 long minutes for other toddlers to show up, none did, I was getting sweaty and in one blurry moment I whisked Jimmy into my arms, thanked them, and darted out. Way to go, City of Portland. Thanks.

Outside Jimmy played on the playground.

There was a group of 1st or 2nd graders also playing out there and I couldn't help but question whether some parts of "playing" actually work. As I stood there I witnessed countless attempts to initiate games of make-believe and none of them worked out "You be the Father and I'll be the Baby." "Caitlyn---put me in jail! Caitlyn, put me in jail! Put me in jail! Jail! Caitlyn!" "You be the Dogcatcher and I'll be the Dog. Arf!!! Catch me!" No one ever responded to these suggestions (demands?) and it was stressing me out. Was this considered 'fun' to anyone? Having your efforts go ignored, or being annoyed with someone's repeated attempts for your attention? And that it's an epidemic on this playground? That, combined with the failed playgroup experience I couldn't help but think that in a society that so values 'socialization', on top of having such a neurotic mother...poor Jimmy is screwed!

Later on li'l unner-da-whedder me threw together a breakfast-for-dinner casserole but my frugal homebodiness backfired when I had to run to Shaw's for a $10 bottle of maple syrup. But I'm glad I did, it made it sooo goooood.

...and now Jimmy and I are watching Finding Nemo and dreading the 5am alarm, back to another workweek! /groan/


Chrissi said...

I never had any luck with 'play' groups. Classes at the Y and the yoga studio where my doula taught birthing classes were my salvation. And thank ye gods for La Leche League mettings! Homeschool groups are the worst - all those stuck-up, snotty, conservatives who homeschool because the public school system refuses to use the Bible as a textbook in science class...ugh. Almost makes me want to NOT tell people we homeschool. ;)

Yoga classes and LLL are where the hippies hang out with their babies around here. ;) I'm sure you'll find something! Soon! Good luck!

rlw said...

Off to the Y website, thanks for the tip! We did try a drop-in gymnastics group for little ones, but....well, it was just a bad week in general. I should try it again soon.

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