Thursday, October 29, 2009

Missing Camera Cord Yields Product Reviews

I'm going nuts trying to find the cord to upload photos. Right now we are all missing out on photos of stuffed peppers, and my front door. To divert the attention from this tragedy I've got a few product reviews:

LL Bean Animal Paws slippers. We received the moose version of these slippers as a hand-me-down, they are fantastic. They stay on Jimmy's feet (huge, major, omg plus) and when we take them off his toes are sooo warm. They also have traction on the bottom (little paw prints we've found behind our bootmarks in the snow--too cute) and we have decided are very much worth the highish pricetag, and now that he's close to outgrowing his moose pair I'm excited to find that ducks and skunks are on sale. The ducks are a little...weird, but I'm afraid the skunks might remind Hubby too much of his dearly departed Bessy. Decisions, decisions to be made before the sale runs out! Smother approved.

Playtex Straw Cups are a big, clunky big plastic waste of money. The cups and straws grow mold at lightning speed and it does not come off! A bit of a disappointment after having good success with Drop-Ins and the One Step system. Playtex should be ashamed for marketing these turd buckets, tsk tsk, Smother Disapproval!

Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Ritz haven't made it to the Ritz website yet, but there was a $1.88/box Ritz Blitzkrieg at Shaw's last week and and this new flavor was among the many Ritz varietals that are now overflowing from our cupboards. They are Jimmy's latest favorite cracker. Kid tested, smmmmmmmother approved. Mmmm.

I'm delighted that Jimmy loves Cars. Pixar has managed to nullify our hatred for Nascar racing so much that we even break for that stupid "Life is a Highway" remake when Jimmy hears it on the car radio, and smile all the while. Great story, great animation, absence of dark scary villains and images, loads of wheels, engines, excitement, personality, old-timey lessons, and genuine laughs are among the many reasons we don't moan when Jimmy wants to watch it again. We're holding tight for Cars 2, vrroom vrrooom, approval.

As for my's a Nikon Coolpix Something and the cord should have a The Clapper attachment for times like these. Darnit!


Eileen said...

Yeah... I hate the straw-based drink cups too! Mold, mold, mold, mold, MOLD!! (Although you can call the company and they will send you replacement straws.) The other thing you can do is drop them in hot water with a dash of bleach and the mold will go -- but you'll be dealing with chemicals and whatnot.) We switched over to the Chug bottles from Rubbermaid, but they may mean more dumping and wet shirts that the mom of a youngster might appreciate.

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