Friday, October 23, 2009

In Maine, You Do Foliage Reports

The leaves outside our house are changing.

I think they're so pretty! If these aren't Maples, there are Maples out there because I remember Wally mentioning wanting to tap them for syrup but we obviously couldn't because of transient neighbors and the likelihood of their biofluids mixing with the syrup, and that they'd probably want to keep any pails for themselves, or destroy them onsite. No, no foraged sugar shack for us, not along this avenue of many diverse fruits (and nuts! Yuk yuk!) And homeless drunk people.

And meth-heads.


Eileen said...

They look like sugar maples to me... Too bad that you can't tap them!

rlw said...

Maybe I'll paint moustaches on them, eh Eileen. ;)

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