Saturday, October 17, 2009

What's Black & White & Tragic.

I'm at work with not a lot of time to describe my recently deceased cat or profoundly grieve his loss. This morning I learned of his death, I am of course sad but life must go on, right.

It's when life does go on that it really SUCKS. I was sitting between calls, catching up on Eileen's blog when she mentioned the mouse that can no longer invade her pantry, when my mind zipped to just last week, when I heard a faint clank of JUNK that Bessy didn't knock off the frigerator top as he jumped down from it, dangling a mouse between his teeth. Like a jedi, he moved. He wasn't brave and he wasn't social and he wasn't smart but what a loss we're suffering without our "special needs" kitty, our mouse-catching savant.

And then I went to log into a particular program. My mind flapped through the 1001 different logins we have to use here, and uh oh, my stomach sank. This was the one I knew would haunt me. I knew I should never use a pet's name as part of a login, but there he was. Every other day it was just keystrokes and a number that flew across the keyboard, but not today. How could I have not cherished him while he was here? How come I didn't think of him everytime I logged into SYSTEMX??? WAAAAH, Bessy!!!! Why did you eat that fiberglass??? :ugly workplace sobbing: WHYYYY????!!!?



Chrissi said...


I dread the day I'm going to lose one of my furballs. :(

PA LaPresti's said...

I am so sorry for your loss & can completely relate. My heart aches for you. :-(

rlw said...

Thanks guys, it means a lot. =]



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