Thursday, October 8, 2009

Four Day Foliage

I took this photo October 4.

Today it looks like this:

I also took this photo 4 days ago:

Today, it looked like this:

It's kinda like a page out of Highlights!

Four days ago my baby looked like this:

Then today, this kid came out of my camera.

Who is this little BOY?

I always figured I was just a lazy slob because my zippered hoodies always do this:

but it turns out the left-shoulder thing is hereditary! Whoa!

Jimmy wouldn't eat the leftover stuffed shells I served for lunch, but he did eat baseball field dirt.

Other stuff from October 8:





Freakishly large greenbean,

...and a whole bunch of other stuff I didn't have a camera for. I love Thursdays, Thursdays are my favorite!


Chrissi said...

I love it especially when they eat so much dirt that they're too full to eat the actual meal you cook for them.. ;)

Eileen said...

Wait... what? You guys cook FOOD? See, I just cut right to the chase and cook DIRT. ;)

rlw said...

I'm thinking dirt bento.....

Chrissi said...

Eileen, that's because you're the more experienced mom with the tween child. We just don't know any better yet. ;)

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