Monday, August 3, 2009


Wow, one tiny post about circumcision made this blog show up on a lot more google searches. Lemme try some more controversial issues!

Did you know:

Not one disposable diaper has ever decomposed. I'm 36, and I wore disposable diapers. They're still here.

Human fecal matter goes with these diapers. The packaging directs users to flush the waste into the toilet, but a large majority of disposable users do not do this. So toxic waste POOP is left to float around our environment forever, not to mention extra damage from manufacturing and distribution as they are one-time-use products.

We are a proud cloth diapering family. We started using FuzziBunz diapers when Jimmy was 4 months old and have never looked back. They may not be super cheap, but they WORK and don't leak or blowout like the disposables did. Cleaning costs do add a dent to our water bill, but the luxury of knowing all our diapers are inside out house, that we never have to buy more, sitting back sipping a cup of coffee while they're in the dryer or hanging on the line instead of running frantically to the store to buy more disposables, is priceless. You can't imagine the excitement when we realized we could convert receiving blankets into cloth wipes. Even more sanity saved!

We were also very wigged out when after removing some disposable diapers from our very young son, there would be these weird GEL bits hanging out on his boy bits. Uhhhh....not cool! These turned out to be similar absorbent polymers found in some commercial soil with recommendations against use for vegetables. If it's a chemical not fit for human consumption, I don't think I need it getting too cozy with my son's reproductive organs. You are welcome, future daughter in law.

Chemicals in disposable diapers have also been linked to asthma.

Some well meaning people have told me that they've done the research and that with cleaning chemicals and the fossil fueling of running washing machines, that the environmental impact was pretty much even.

There was one "trusty" agency reporting this matter, but the report was found to be flawed. Trust me, if I didn't have a washer/dryer 2 feet from my changing table I probably wouldn't pipe so pompously about cloth diapering, but it blows my mind that people would be willing to accept that the environmental impact between the two would be equal. What have they been sniffing, disposables?


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