Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's to the right, right?

Don't you think that everyone should just walk to the right? Like if you're walking down a corridor or a sidewalk or in the mall, go to the right. Or when you find yourself muttering into the ear of a sudden deli line/bathroom stranger, shouldn't we just correct the situation by defaulting to the right? Wouldn't that be easier, none of that messy sorriness or struggles to figure out who goes just, go to the right!

If I become mayor of my general vicinity, this Right Regulation will be my first royal decree...EXCEPT, when I'm walking Jimmy down the street in a stroller. It as at this point that everyone will understand that he is NOT be exposed to traffic; sidewalk on-comers will then be required to go to the left as so nothing happens to my precious nugget. Easy enough. RIGHT!


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